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I heard if I go once, I have to go the rest of my life. Is that true?

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Many people go to doctors regularly for their entire lives, even though they never expect a problem: for example, optometrists and dentists. And like those types of doctors, you cannot be forced to go to a Chiropractor.  It is your choice.

You may choose Chiropractic as a non-drug, non-surgical way to repair injuries and deal with pain. And I hate injury and pain. So we’ll create a care plan based on those goals. I’m happy to help.

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But, Chiropractic is also an ongoing, pro-active path to maintaining and improving your health. With those goals come long-term care and visits. Quite simply, people that are pro-active about their health don’t run or go to yoga or eat properly or go to the gym or have a massage once and expect it to improve their health. These activities become a routine part of their lives. And so does Chiropractic.

Does it hurt?

At the initial moment of adjustment, sometimes, it may. But that usually passes in moments and the patient feels relief. Far more frequent than pain, though, people feel relaxed, more comfortable, and re-energized.

What about “the crack?”

If there is noise during an adjustment, it’s the same as someone cracking their knuckles. It’s nitrogen being released. It’s not bad. That said, it’s also not a requirement for a proper adjustment. You may go through an entire visit and not hear a thing.

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Do I need a referral to see you?

No. Today’s Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to be primary physicians. Anyone may see a Chiropractor at any time.  Additionally, SRQDC does not participate with any insurance companies; so that barrier is removed too.