My Chiropractor Adjusted my Neck and my Back Pain Went Away! Why?

Exercises that can be done in SarasotaLet’s say you were out at Siesta Key Beach for some Paddle Board Yoga and it’s a class like every other class.  So when you have a pain in your low back and you can’t figure out why.  You’re left perplexed.  Particularly since it started when you turned your neck, not your back.  You’re thinking you should be experiencing neck pain, not low back pain.



Chiropractic Adjustment

As an intelligent, self-aware person in Sarasota looking for natural, drug-free relief, you decide to go to your Chiropractor.  After your easy exam, you receive treatment which today was only a quick, simple, pain-free adjustment to your neck.  And, viola!  After a short sensation of warmth, the low back pain is gone.

Why is this?  How can this be?  Is this the mumbo-jumbo mystic magic you heard about as a child?   …Not at all.

Spinal Cord Nervous SystemAs chiropractors, we deal with the nervous system.  So, we deal with the spinal cord, which is fascinating.  As humans, through it, we send nerve impulses both to and from the brain.  Not only that, but the nerves are organized and grouped together in tracts.  The nerves traveling to the brain for our senses of pain, temperature, proprioception, vibration, and light touch are all on the outside perimeter of our spinal cords.  And they travel the entire length of the spinal cord.

This means when there is a spinal misalignment, aka a Vertebral Subluxation, these areas are some of the first to receive pressure and compression.  So, a Vertebral Subluxation in the neck can press on the nerve designed to send pain signals from the lower back.  This results in the brain processing a false sensation of pain in the low back.  By removing the pressure on the spinal cord at the right location, proper information flow through the nervous system is restored, and this low back pain is eliminated.

It’s finding causes like this that make the skills of Chiropractors truly unique and desired.

My Chiropractor Adjusted my Neck and my Back Pain Went Away! Why?
Article Name
My Chiropractor Adjusted my Neck and my Back Pain Went Away! Why?
Dealing with pain isn't enough. We need to find the cause. Like neck problems causing back pain.

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